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2009 Detroit Pistons Draft Picks

The posts for each pick are spread out and rather than make you scroll through it all, I thought I would recap the draft with links to each pick's separate post.

No. 15: Austin Daye from Gonzaga

No. 35: DaJuan Summers from Georgetown

No. 39: Jonas Jerebko from Sweden

No. 44: Chase Budinger from Arizona (traded)

All in all, it appeared that Joe Dumars addressed the Pistons front court issues as best he could given the draft's depth. Daye is 6'10"-6'11", Summers is a sturdy 6'8", and Jerebko is a 6'7" body, who can play the three or four spot. With the Eastern Conference powerhouses throwing big men like Kevin Garnett, Dwight Howard, and now Shaquille O'Neal on the floor, the Pistons definitely needed to get some size in this draft. It was just a question of how many big guys and who.

The most important pick in the draft, bar none, is the first round selection. Every pick is important, and a diamond can always be found in the 2nd round, but nailing that first pick is essential to having a quality draft. Joe Dumars had his choice between some highly touted point guards, but went with his gut on a big man. You can't blame Dumars for grabbing who he thinks is in the Pistons best interest, especially now since we don't know whether Daye will pan out or not. Some might argue that the Pistons should have gone with an available point guard, DeJuan Blair or James Johnson with the pick, but Dumars felt he could not pass on the lengthiness and potential that exists in Daye.

The next move for the Pistons will be planning their attack, readying themselves once the clock strikes "free agency." I expect their first move will be dropping recently acquired Fabricio Oberto to get the $1.9 million that is not guaranteed in his contract and going from there. While the draft was a lot of fun while it lasted (we also had a great showing in the open thread), it was all just a small stepping stone to what's ahead for the Pistons this off-season. Things are just starting to get interesting, so stay tuned.

UPDATE: Natalie from Need4Sheed was at the Palace Draft Party tonight and video taped Dumars speak and answer questions after the Austin Daye pick. It's a little tough to hear, but after listening to the just under ten minute, informal press conference it is to my understanding that two of the biggest qualities Dumars was looking for were overall talent and character. He describes Daye as being extremely talented, with a ton of potential, and a guy that will represent the Pistons on and off the court in the right way. I'm 100% on board with that.