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Is Afflalo joining Billups?

The Denver Post reports that the Pistons are shopping Arron Afflalo in an effort to clear cap space, with the Nuggets one possible destination. And wouldn't you know, but the Nuggets, who lost Dahntay Jones to free agency this week, happen to be in the market for a defensively sound two-guard capable of hitting the open shot.

Chris McCosky confirmed the rumor:

Deron Washington, most likely, is going to replace Arron Afflalo on the Pistons roster next season. The Pistons are talking to Denver about a possible deal that would allow the Pistons to clear Afflalo's salary. Washington is expected to sign a two-year deal with the Pistons soon, starting at roughly $740,000.

I'll begrudgingly admit it might make sense given the current depth chart, with the caveat that a deal for a big man better in place before pulling the trigger. Afflalo is a helluva locker room guy and one of the hardest workers in the league -- you don't give guys like that up on a whim, especially when you're rebuilding.

Head-nod to MLive's Dave Dial, who spotted this 12 hours earlier, and all the DBB readers already discussing in the comments.