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Jonas Jerebko has a roster spot

Joe Dumars already indicated that he expects all three of this year's draft picks to make the roster so the news that Jerebko will likely still be around come November isn't exactly ground-breaking. Even so, the backstory is interesting -- Jerebko had a promise from the Bobcats that he'd have a roster spot if he was still available when they picked 40, but Jerebko was nervous another team would draft him earlier as a long-term investment. From Chris McCosky:

Still, on draft night three teams who were picking before Charlotte at No. 40 called Jerebko's agent Doug Neustadt, and said they were taking him. Neustadt successfully talked all three into changing their pick, since they were looking to stash him overseas.

Pick 39 belonged to the Pistons. They, too, called Neustadt and said they were taking Jerebko. Again, Neustadt told them about Charlotte, and how they assured him a roster spot. Joe Dumars, though, told him that he wasn't worried about Charlotte. The Pistons also wanted to keep Jerebko on their roster; that they had no intention of sending him back to Europe.

"Of course, if you have a deal with the team at 40, you don't want to go at 39," Jerebko said. "But it was Detroit and I liked Detroit. I knew it was going to be a good situation."