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Summer league open thread

The Pistons played their first summer league game, and DaJuan Summers made a nice first impression with 24 pionts and seven boards in 33 minutes. My FanHouse colleague Gary Washburn talked to Pistons assistant coach Darrell Walker after the game:

"Summers is a player and I don't know how he goes 35 in the draft," Walker said after Detroit's 86-77 win Friday at Cox Pavilion. "Things happen in the NBA Draft. I ain't crazy, I understand that but he's a legitimate NBA player. And I think he's going to get some legitimate minutes."

I'm joining Gary and the rest of my FanHouse colleagues in Vegas tomorrow morning, and I'll be able to give you a first-hand impressions of Summers, Austin Daye and the rest of the new guys. In the meantime, consider this your weekend / summer league open thread.

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