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It’s Official: Spellcheck and Sleepy to Denver

Usually, when the rumor mill is buzzing about deep rotation players, it's pretty accurate. That was certainly true in this case, as the Pistons are, in fact, sending Arron Afflalo and Walter Sharpe to the Denver Nuggets in exchange for the NBA's equivalent of a toy whistle.

The move frees up cash for the Pistons to pursue a free agent big man, like Drew Gooden or (eep) Glen Davis. The move makes quite a bit of sense. With the signing of Ben Gordon, and the unearthly renaissance of Will Bynum, the Pistons weren't going to find minutes for Spellcheck.

The real beneficiary here is Afflalo, the only NBA player I ever nicknamed. With the departure of Dahntay Jones, he'll arguably have the inside track on a starting job in Denver, which has enough offensive ammunition to keep a lockdown defender with limited offensive capabilities on the floor.

The move is also tacit acknlowedgment that drafting Sharpe was a lark that didn't sing. Thanks for the memories, Walt.

What do you think? Should the Pistons go after Gooden? Big Baby? Theo Ratliff?