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Pistons Drop Summer League Game, 97-69, to Warriors

This was a pretty ugly game.

As the game wore on, the Warriors started to pick it up, but the Pistons summer leaguers got worse. Austin Daye had several bad turnovers and could not seem to handle the ball to save his lunch. He did have a double-double with 11 points and 11 rebounds, though. DaJuan Summers was not even close to what we've seen from him in the first two games. In fact, he would have fouled out early in the 3rd quarter if it weren't for the summer league rules allowing up to 10 personal fouls; although he did wind up fouling out. He and Daye combined for 18 personal fouls.

As for Jonas Jerebko, he actually had a relatively good game. He had 16 points on 6-9 shooting. His play was still a little erratic for my liking at times. The Pistons also saw a quality game from Jeremy Pargo, a teammate of Daye's at Gonzaga. He reminds me a little of Will Bynum with his style, but probably possesses a better 3-point stroke. Overall, I'm still chalking this one up as a bad game and moving on.

For the Warriors, they had a few players step up, but most notably was Stephen Curry. As he started knocking down his shot in the second half, the Warriors started to really pull away from the Pistons and put their lead into the twenties. Curry finished with a game-high 23 points. The announcers also said at one point that Curry will carry the Warriors into the playoffs this season. I think he'll win Rookie of the Year (and yes, I saw the Blake Griffin highlights for the night).

Remember, J-Sams of Liberty Ballers is in Vegas and has adopted the Pistons since his 76ers are not in Vegas. I'm sure he'll have a much more thorough analysis of what he was able to see in person. The Pistons play again on Wednesday at 1 PM PDT (4 PM EST) against the Knicks. They will then conclude their summer league action on Friday, July 17 against the Cleveland Cavaliers.