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Pistons Most Likely to Sign Drew Gooden?

According to Adrian Wajnarowski from Yahoo!:

Detroit is still exploring ways to make a deal for Utah Jazz forward Carlos Boozer, but the most likely scenario centers around the free-agent signing of Drew Gooden, and distantly, Boston’s Glen "Big Baby" Davis.

Gooden, who is 6'10" 245 pounds, will be 28 in September. While he's had some pretty solid years with Cleveland and a good year with Chicago, I'd prefer the one game he had with Sacramento this past season (13 rebounds and 12 points) on a consistent basis if we signed him. Considering @CV31 said that "another big move is about to be made," I wouldn't exactly call signing Drew Gooden a big move. He'll be valuable in the depleted frontcourt, for sure, but is he more than just a filler?

With Boozer going on the record today and saying that a trade will happen, it makes you wonder if Gooden really is the most likely scenario for Detroit. Most of the trade talks surrounding Boozer have him coming to the Pistons.

(Forgot this originally, hat tip to @PistonPowered)