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Reasons to Get Drunk and Surly Tonight

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As if Mike Payne needs a reason. I might make this a regular feature.


From the Detroit News:

"Hey, I would have loved going back to Detroit," Stackhouse told The Detroit News on Tuesday. "But I don't think they were interested. They are moving in a different direction. They wanted younger. You know I had a list of teams who were interested in me and I was hoping Detroit would be one of them, but they are more in position to want to bring in the young guys and let them play rather than contending."

That part in bold is the sort of thing you should leave unspoken when your statline the previous season reads like this.

GP: 10
PPG: 4.2
FG%: 26.7
3p%: 15.8

Not the sort of numbers that are going to send Rodney Stuckey to the pine.


A Detroit Free Press features the headline: No interest right now in bringing back Ben Wallace

"Right now" is an interesting qualifier. Does this mean he remains an option if Glen Davis doesn't work out? That they might slot him in once they get everyone else squared away?

While I harbor no delusions of Big Ben returning to his former self, his present self is better than what we have at Center. And isn't it reasonable to entertain the possibility that a return to Detroit might correspond to at least a marginal uptick in performance?


Anthony Randolph's performance from yesterday requires some context. First of all, its summer league. I can't emphasize that fact enough. This is not NBA-caliber competition.

Second, Randolph is in a unique position in this summer league. Usually, veterans with 1,000 minutes under their belt use the summer league to warm up, try a couple new moves, maybe even play a new position. Mostly, though, they know that this is a team's only chance to evaluate rookies and make roster decisions.

In the wacky world of Don Nelson, Randolph is still arguably fighting for a roster spot. For all we know, he could be challenging Stephen Curry to start at SF. That might be overstating things a bit, but the point remains that we seldom see proven NBA talent going full bore in Summer League. This is what that looks like.


As for our own Summer League squad, shouldn't Randolph's performance put to rest the notion that skinny tall guys can't make it in this league? I have high hopes for Austin Daye.

DaJuan Summers is showing signs that he might have been a steal as the 35th pick in the draft, but the numbers don't pop out in a way that would cause me to get my hopes up.

Same thing, really, goes for the Daye and Jerebko. The positive note is that none of the Pistons in contention for a roster spot are really struggling. Struggling in summer league is a pretty sure sign that you're a bust.


That is all. Clink 'em and drink 'em.