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The Chris Wilcox Always Seemed Like a Piston Anyway Post

The Pistons have signed Chris Wilcox to a 2-year, $6 million deal. I like this for a few reasons.

1) This signing makes it impossible for Detroit to sign Glen Davis. Even better, it likely means the Boston WILL sign Glen Davis. 2 for 1.

2) Wilcox can play center, and score from that position.

3) The dude has a lot to play for. Two years ago, he was a guy who was scoring in the teens and rebounding consistently. Last year, he had his worst season, and his value dropped in accordance with the results. In two years (and in a better economy) his value could range from the veteran minimum for one year to a 75% of max contract for five. That's 45 million reasons to put in max effort. In the words of Jeff Probst, "worth playing for?"

4) His career trajectory fits the prototype of the vagabond who arrives in Detroit and delivers. At his best, he's a difference-maker, and he hasn't yet had the chance to ply his wares for a contender.

5) From Hollinger: "Most similar at his age: Rasheed Wallace"