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Pistons Agree to Deal with Chris Wilcox


The Detroit Pistons have agreed to a two-year deal with free agent Chris Wilcox, a source told

The deal is for $6 million over the next two years according to sources.

It was Wilcox or Big Baby, and with the Celtics having the ability to match any offer the Pistons threw Big Baby's way, this seemed like the Pistons best case scenario with the remaining free agent bigs.

Wilcox is athletic and young, so he has the potential to continue and develop. Either way, he will surely help the Pistons' depleted front court. He hasn't found himself in the best situations in the past having played for the Thunder, Knicks, Clippers, and Sonics, so maybe playing for a more talented Pistons will also bring out the best in him.

He brings starter experience to the table if the Pistons need it, but he will more than likely be a big man off the bench to help recent signee Charlie Villanueva and Kwame Brown. His best seasons in the past have been in a starter's role averaging about 14 points per game and just a shade under 8 rebounds per game.

This signing pretty much takes care of the rest of the Pistons cap space, so unless Dumars gets creative through trades or utilizing the veteran's salary on, say, a guy like Ben Wallace, you're looking at the Pistons squad for next year. I think there will be another move before this season starts, though. Remember, Charlie Villanueva tweeted about a big move coming, and I don't see signing Chris Wilcox as a big move, although it's relatively significant. We'll have to wait and see.