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Morning Shootaround: Chris Wilcox Signing, Kuester's Patience, and No Need to Question One's Loyalty

Balls_medium Chris Wilcox is the newest Detroit Pistons big man. Was it a good move? Detroit4lyfe thinks it might be Joe Dumars' latest diamond in the rough type move, a la the earlier rebuilding years, and wonders if Wilcox will "let his hair down" in Detroit.

Balls_medium Dan Feldman of Piston Powered grades the Pistons signing of Ben Gordon. He calls Gordon a one-dimensional scoring machine, but analyzes a bunch of different categories worth viewing. Overall, he gives the Gordon signing a B grade.

Balls_medium MLIVE's A. Sherrod Blakely says that the Pistons hope John Kuester's patience pays off. He mentions that Kuester predicted he would marry a girl he pointed out in the University of North Carolina cafeteria 33-years ago. He now has two kids with the woman and has been married to her for 32-years. Hopefully, Kuester can make a similar prediction about the Pistons winning an NBA championship in the near future. Either way, hopefully Kuester's patience as an assitant head coach will ultimately pay off.

Balls_medium Eli Zaret interviewed Pistons top pick, Austin Daye regarding his summer league experience and overcoming some of the criticisms about his size and proving himself. Daye was solid during the summer league games, but is it just me or does it seem like he had a little too much coffee during this interview?

Balls_mediumLife on Dumars wonders which recent Piston you will enjoy watching the most in different colors in 2009. LOD says that 'Sheed in Beantown will be entertaining to watch to say the least. I enjoyed 'Sheed's time with the Pistons, but I don't know how much I can call the Boston Celtics or any of their players entertaining to watch.

Balls_medium Speaking of 'Sheed, Need4Sheed's Natalie Sitto let fans know about her loyalties a little over a week ago, when it was announced that 'Sheed was going to the Celtics: Need4Sheed will continue to rep the D regardless of 'Sheed. Natalie has proven over the years that she is one of the biggest Pistons fans out there while maintaining one of the, if not the, best Detroit Pistons websites on the 'net. I know she began Need4Sheed nearly two years before I even considered blogging. The site name might not be ideal anymore, but to question her loyalties is like thinking Joe Dumars enjoys losing.

Balls_medium Jay King of Celtics Town revisists Bill Walton's hatred for Rasheed Wallace, expressed in a 2003 ESPN piece. King laments that the Celtics' signing of 'Sheed definitely makes the Celtics a better team, but is a little bit of a cause for concern considering this Walton piece and 'Sheed's mini blow ups in Detroit. 'Sheed was nothing short of awesome during his time in Detroit, but his act was tiring. He needed a fresh start and I think Boston will be a great fit for him.

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