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Charlie Villanueva commits to the Pistons

The word has been out for several hours, but for posterity's sake, here's the "Charlie Villanueva is (likely) a Piston" post. After visiting the team on Wednesday, the first official day of free agency, he reportedly agreed to a five-year deal worth $35 million or $40 million, depending who you ask. Just like with Ben Gordon, no agreement is official until July 8, the first day free agents are allowed to sign contracts.

Either way, the deal sounds like a relative bargain for 24-year-old whose best days are almost certainly ahead of him. Despite playing fewer than 27 minutes a game, Villanueva averaged better than 16 points and nearly seven boards a game; given regular starter minutes, 18 and nine is likely, and, if all of us cross our fingers, 20 and 10 isn't out of the question.

Villanueva's arrival will come with mixed reviews, in part because of shaky defense and a reputation for being "soft," but objectively speaking, he's a better shooter, passer and rebounder than Rasheed Wallace, the man he's essentially replacing. No, he's not a complete package -- Wallace was an exceptional defender, at least when he was up for the challenge -- but for the price and potential for improvement, I have no quibbles with the move. He alone won't put the Pistons over the top, but this roster is a couple of years away from worrying about the "missing piece."

In time, I predict Villanueva will emerge as a fan favorite, as much for his play on the court as his good deeds and accessibility (he was one of the first NBA players to embrace Twitter -- follow him @CV31 -- and he has his own YouTube page) off of it.

And, just because, here he is showing off his hat collection and Rock Band skillz: