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Pistons agree to deals with Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva

Well it didn't take long for Joe Dumars to make use of a majority of the Pistons' free agent money as he has reportedly agreed to deals with former Bulls and University of Connecticut guard, Ben Gordon and Milwaukee Bucks, and another former UConn player, Charlie Villanueva.

From The Free Press:

The Pistons made major moves to shore up their three-point shooting and perimeter athleticism by agreeing to deals with coveted free agents Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva, the Free Press has learned.

And while teams can’t publicly comment on free agents until July 8 — the first day players can sign — the Gordon deal is believed to be worth $55 million over five years and Villanueva’s is thought to be worth $35 million over five years.

The Pistons came into the free-agency period with between $18 million and $20 million in salary-cap space. Wednesday’s deals total $18 million a season.

Ben Gordon has been discussed as a possible free agent signing all season and with the signing it almost but guarantees that Richard Hamilton will be moved at some point before the next season begins. I'm sure Dumars will plan on moving him in a way that will give the Pistons more wiggle room with the cap since these two free agent signings nearly break the bank.

What's next for the Pistons? Will the opening night lineup be Kwame Brown, Villanueva, Tayshaun Prince, Ben Gordon, and Rodney Stuckey or does Dumars have something else up his sleeve that would move Tayshaun and/or find an upgrade over Kwame, possible in a deal involving Rip?