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Doug Collins Will Not Coach the Pistons

I was shocked when I even heard Doug Collins' name in the first place. I know he's one of the few big names available, but my first thought was, "been there, done that." I know under Joe Dumars it could be different, but I didn't really see how years as a TNT analyst after his last coaching gig can really make Doug Collins that much better of an option now. Don't get me wrong, the Pistons had a number of good-to-great seasons with Collins as their coach, but I see his days as a quality coach being behind him.

Well, it doesn't matter now because Collins has officially pulled himself out of the running for the job this evening after the Pistons reportedly agreed to deals with Gordon and Villanueva.


Television analyst Doug Collins, one of two heavy favorites to fill the Detroit Pistons' sudden coaching vacancy, has withdrawn from consideration for the job.

Collins told on Wednesday night that he called Joe Dumars to thank the Pistons president for considering him and to inform him of his preference to stay in television. That would appear to leave an unobstructed path to the job for ex-Dallas Mavericks coach Avery Johnson, who just completed his first season in TV as an analyst for ESPN.

As you see, it appears that Avery Johnson is the favorite to replace Michael Curry as head coach of the Pistons. While Joe Dumars has not addressed the speculation of Johnson becoming the next Pistons head coach, Dumars plans on having a head coach named by Tuesday when the Pistons head to Vegas for the Summer League.