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Report: Joe Dumars Turns Down Celtics Latest Trade Offer

Joe Dumars reportedly turned down yet another offer from the Boston Celtics.


The proposed deal had the Pistons sending power forward Jason Maxiell and a future first round draft pick to the Celts for Glen Davis and D-League talents J.R. Giddens and Gabe Pruitt. Is it any surprise that Joe Dumars immediately pulled the plug?

This was the first story I read regarding the trade and the question at the end was my thought exactly. Essentially, this trade is the Celtics dumping a couple guards on the Pistons, who have plenty of guards, and then asking for Mad Max and a first round pick for Big Baby.

Personally, I think Mad Max for Big Baby straight up might not be far fetched, but adding in a first round draft pick is too much and definitely warranted an immediate rejection. There's an outside chance the Pistons could be a lottery team next season, so giving up a potential lottery pick for Glen Davis does not whet my whistle one bit.

In my book, that's two bad trade offers from the Celtics this summer. That kills my buzz.