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Reasons To Get Drunk and Surly Tonight

As if Mike Payne needed a reason.

Some disturbing information in Marc Stein's buzz column today.

Apparently, the second year on Chris Wilcox's contract is a player option. This is a terrible deal for the Pistons. If Wilcox rebounds, he'll command a higher price as a free agent. If he stinks it up, he can take a mulligan, citing "unfinished business".

Maybe this was a condition of signing, and another team had a similar offer on the table, but remember that Kwame got the same offer. I can't imagine anyone was excited to extend a player option to an unreliable center who throws cake at strangers.


Also from the column. This made me puke a little.

"Troy Hudson is moving closer to a return to the league.The 33-year-old held a private workout in Las Vegas last week in conjunction with the NBA's annual summer league there, and four teams watched him: Oklahoma City, Memphis, Philadelphia and Detroit."

Emphasis mine. Please tell me that someone in the Pistons organization owed T-Hud's agent a favor.


Weird fact: The Pistons presently have three players who have scored at least 48 points in an NBA game. Additionally, Charlie Villanueva ranked 10th in the NBA in points per 40 minutes last season. Ben Gordon ranked 23rd, and Rip ranked 31st.

Add that to Stuckey's 40 point breakout last year, and Will Bynums absurd 26 point 4th quarter, and, well... Watch your back Kelly Tripucka.


I've been reading the Boozer and Odom to Miami rumors. Basically, the idea is that Miami signs Odom to the MLE, and trades Udonis Haslem and Dorell Wright to Utah. How does that even work, much less solve any of Utah's problems? Call it the Memphis Effect.

I won't get into the accounting schemes involved, but the Memphis Effect works like this. Memphis has cap space, and always will have cap space. As such, any team that involves the Grizz can extinguish any cap ramifications. The Grizzlies can simply eat a dead contract, like that of Dorell Wright.

What does Memphis get out of the deal? The knowledge that, even though it will never again have a competitive franchise, or anything even close, it can at least help the NBA's bigger market teams fulfill the NBA wishes of its fanbase.

That said, there is probably a business incentive here. Think David Stern will ever work to contract the teams that gave us Celtics vs. Lakers redux? Minnesota and Memphis might have the right idea, here.


Could the Trailblazers be any luckier? At the cusp of making a horrendous business decision that would have kept them out of contention for a decade, they watch their coveted free agent "prize" bolt for icier (and lottery bound) pastures. Then, they luck into Andre Miller, who fulfills virtually all of their needs, at a major discount.

And, if the whole Oden thing works out, they can arrange a trade with any of the dozen or so teams that are overvaluing Joel Przybilla right now.


No more. Now you talk...