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Morning Shootaround: Tweet Tweet, Bringing Back Big Ben, Reinsdoofus, and a Fun Fact

It's early Sunday morning and I figured I'd do a little shoot around the web to some links that I think are worthy of a read. After the Pistons' performance on Sundays last season, a Sunday morning shootaround never hurt anybody.

Balls_mediumLet's kick things off with a little Twitter talk. I'm not going to lie, Twitter is blowing up. You should sign up and follow me if you're not already on it. If the thought of following me is not enticing enough, then I should have you know that some of your new Pistons are big time twitterers. Charlie Villanueva (CV31), DaJuan Summers (dsummers35), and Austin Daye (Adaye5) all love to tweet and sometimes answer questions from the fans. If anything, it's a great way to get to know the new faces of Pistons basketball. Follow them now.

Balls_medium Speaking of Twitter, Charlie Villanueva's opinion of the Brian Hill coaching acquisition gives fans a positive idea of how he feels about Detroit's newest assistant coach:

BTW: I heard Nets asst coach Brian Hill is leaving the team to join us in Motown. I like Coach Hill, he's a straight-shooter. This is GREAT!

Balls_medium The next move for the Pistons could very well be signing a big man under a veterans minimum contract. The speculation that's picking up momentum is that Detroit is going to bring back Ben Wallace. Detroit4lyfe writer, Jack Pinellas thinks it's a good idea to reunite Detroit with Big Ben.

Balls_medium Life on Dumars admits Big Ben will be back, probably. However, he doesn't like it one bit. I can't say I disagree with him as I've definitely let my feelings be known when the rumor first surfaced, but I will admit that I'm warming to the idea of it.

Balls_medium On Friday night before the second game of the Tigers double-header, Pistons guard, Rodney Stuckey threw out the ceremonial first pitch. Stuckey bragged he was a baseball star before giving up the sport for basketball. That being said, apparently he was booed when his pitch landed short of the mitt.

Balls_medium As you all know, Joe Dumars turned down the Celtics latest trade offer which involved Big Baby Glen Davis for Jason Maxiell. Dan Feldman over at Piston Powered has the many reasons Detroit rejected the trade for Davis.

Balls_medium Sometime last week, the Bulls chairman Jerry Reinsdorf mentioned in an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times that new Pistons shooting guard Ben Gordon did not fit in with the Bulls and would not have played that much:

Now, fast forward to the end of the year, we have [John] Salmons and we have a hell of a three-guard rotation with [Kirk] Hinrich and Derrick [Rose]. Ben wasn't going to get a whole lot of playing time. [It] was going to be diminished. So Ben really no longer fit.

PC move, but am I really expected to believe that the Hinrich maneuver is a better option than BG? Let's get real, Jerry.

Balls_medium Chris Webber is, nonchalantly, picking the All-Time team for every NBA squad. He recently chose the Pistons:

(H/T Pistons Nation)

Balls_medium Natalie Sitto of Need4Sheed scored an interview with Will Bynum. If you want to get to know Bynumite better, then she has a great one-on-one with some great photo shopped pictures included, as always.

Balls_medium Detroit Bad Boys popular post, "Reasons to Get Drunk and Surly Tonight" has a fun/weird fact about three of your Pistons players: three have scored at least 48 points in an NBA game.

Balls_medium If you have any inquiries, tips, or links you want to share, please email me.