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What is John Kuester Doing Right Now?

While we wait for something else to happen with the Pistons this off-season, you might be interested in hearing what John Kuester is doing in terms of communicating with his players and trying to get to know them better. He had the following to say in a recent interview with a WDFN radio network:

For our players to be able to feel comfortable and feel good about what they are on the basketball court, communication’s gonna be a huge thing and that’s something that I have a relationship with Rip, I have a relationship with Tayshaun, I’ve pretty much been out to dinner with two thirds of the team right now. That’s what we’re doing right at this stage is meeting with people, making sure we form a relationship that’s gonna be special.

I wondered what Kuester is doing right now, I never know what he's doing... back there, but this pretty much answers that question. A new coach at this juncture, as he should, makes his rounds to all the players on the team, takes Mom and player out to dinner, and gets to know them a little bit. All good things for establishing a solid relationship between the players and their new head coach before the fall.

See what off-season inactivity has made me resort to? I'm still waiting for that "big move" CV31 was talking about. More to come in the next couple days.