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Report: Deron Washington gets a guaranteed deal

Update: As Dan Feldman points out, Greenberg's tweet has been deleted. Considering the Pistons have yet to make an announcement, my only guess is that Greenberg wasn't supposed to make that announcement or had false information.

As spotted by MLive's Dave Dial, Seth Greenberg, Deron Washington's former college coach at Virginia Tech, let the cat out of the bag by announcing that Washington signed a guaranteed deal with the Pistons in a tweet on Wednesday evening:

congrats to Deron Washington for signing a guaranteed contract with the Pistons Great to have a Hokie in the league!

It's a bit curious the team decided to guarantee Washington on the eve of summer league -- why not wait a couple of weeks until the coaches can see him up close? -- but assuming Greenberg's intel is correct, the Pistons now have six guards on the roster (Stuckey, Bynum, Gordon, Afflalo, Hamilton and Washington) ...

Anyone else think Rip Hamilton is on the way out of town? At 31 years old, he's suddenly the oldest player on the team, not to mention the highest paid. At 6-7, Washington can also play forward, but the Pistons just drafted a trio of small forwards, and, as strange as it sounds, Dumars has already hinted that all three might make the roster.

Whatever happens, this is as good of an excuse an any to run this classic reel:

Washington was flat-out one of the most entertaining players to watch in summer league last year, not only because he gives max effort on every play (by my eye, his defense is already NBA ready) but also because the guy lives above the rim. Even if he's destined to warm the end of the bench, he'll earn his keep in practice, not to mention as an unofficial mentor to the Pistons' Flight Crew. Thumbs up on the move.

Here's the original DBB post on Washington when he was drafted 59th overall last year -- can any Israeli DBB readers offer a more recent scouting report on Washington? (Note: Ohad comes through in the comments) Or even a reliable set of stats to examine? It's late, and my Google-fu isn't sharp tonight.

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