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Ben Gordon as The Microwave

Ben Gordon in a radio interview with ESPN Chicago (via Sports Radio Interviews):


How hard did Chicago pursue you?

"They didn’t pursue me at all, they didn’t even make an offer. It was pretty much a one-man race."

[...] Did you function well with Derrick Rose or are you a better fit in Detroit?

"Personally, me and D-Rose, I thought we played well together. Our games are pretty different - I’m more of an outside shooter, he’s more of an attack player. I think we played well off of each other. Moving forward with Detroit, one thing Joe told me he wanted to create was that 3-guard offense that they used to have back in the ‘Bad Boy’ days when it was him, Isiah, and ‘The Microwave.’ I think with Rip, Rodney Stuckey and myself - we’re no Isiah, Joe, and Microwave but I think anytime you have three guards of that caliber, it makes it a tough matchup.

He's doing a good job selling the "three-guard" line -- who knows, maybe it's actually true. My hunch is that Dumars will trade Rip for a big man in a heartbeat if the right package comes along, though. Time will tell.