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Report: Deron Washington Agrees to Guaranteed Contract with the Pistons

Detroit Pistons 2008 second round draft pick, Deron Washington has reportedly agreed to sign a guaranteed deal with the Pistons. The news broke last night when his former Virginia Tech Hokies coach tweeted a congratulations to Washington for striking a deal with the Pistons. I know, two twitter related posts in a row.

Washington played 22 minutes per game in last year's Summer League while averaging just over six points. While there's no denying that he is fun to watch, the move adds yet another guard to the Pistons roster and raises some valid questions (Stuckey, Gordon, Hamilton, Bynum, Afflalo, Washington).

Matt Watson from Detroit Bad Boys, who has good insight on this, wonders why the Pistons would sign him on the eve of the 2009 Summer League before getting another chance to look at him. Washington is currently on Detroit's 2009 Summer League Roster which is set to kick off July 10. Dave Dial at MLIVE, where I first saw the story, somewhat answers that question by speculating that Washington could be involved in a trade come July 8 when teams can officially execute deals.

I think most people and their dogs believe Richard Hamilton is on his way out as part of some type of deal, hopefully for a big man. I think what this Deron Washington report does confirm is that at least one guard, aside from Gordon who just agreed to a deal, is more than likely gone. It should be noted, though, that Rodney Stuckey was interviewed on 97.1 FM The Ticket yesterday and implied Richard Hamilton would remain a Piston. I have heard other rumors, that I can't confirm, that say part of the reason Gordon agreed to a deal with the Pistons was because he'd get to play with Rip. I can't believe either, Stuckey's implications or the rumors, to be true until I see it happen. But maybe, just maybe, those are true and Deron Washington is the coveted/attainable guard in the Pistons possession?