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"Farewell Ben Gordon" YouTube Video is Cool and Creepy

My friend over at Life on Dumars posted this video presumably from a Bulls fan bidding Ben Gordon a somber farewell, while displaying some of Gordon's greatest highlights as a Bull. I'm not going to lie, this video gets me jacked up about having Ben Gordon on the Pistons.

I'm also going to go out on a limb here and say that this Bulls fan may have liked Ben Gordon a little too much, as his choice of theme music (Basshunter- Now You're Gone) is probably a little creepily over the top.

The YouTube video info for the song paints an uncomfortable picture:

This video shows a couple who seem to only communicate through text messages and IM. And they break up because one of them says they "can't C U NE more". however later when they bump into each other in a hot sweaty dance club and look each other in the eyes, they fall back in love and celebrate on the dance floor together.

I sure hope a sweaty Ben Gordon doesn't bump into a sweaty-suited Jerry Reinsdorf at some point this season, get lost in his eyes, and decide it's time they get back together. That would make me want to sing End of the Road by Boyz II Men like I did when Grant Hill was traded. Wait, what?

Just enjoy the video, the upbeat techno, and hope something happens with the Pistons soon to prevent odd posts like this from ever happening again: