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Report: John Kuester the Next Detroit Pistons Head Coach

Avery Johnson reportedly rejected a deal because the Pistons wouldn't offer him a four-year deal, so the Pistons have turned to the Cleveland Cavaliers assistant coach.


Avery Johnson will not be the next coach of the Detroit Pistons, who are instead closing in on hiring Cleveland Cavaliers assistant coach John Kuester.

Johnson, an ESPN NBA analyst, confirmed in a SportsCenter interview Tuesday afternoon that he and the Pistons have broken off contract talks after more than two days of negotiations.

Sources close to the process told that the job would instead go to Kuester in a deal likely to be completed later Tuesday or Wednesday.

Some quick fun facts about John Kuester: He played four seasons at North Carolina under Dean Smith and was drafted by the Kansas City Kings in the 1977 NBA Draft. He only played three seasons in the NBA and played for the Denver Nuggets and Indiana Pacers, as well.

More to follow as it becomes available.