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Antonio McDyess to the Spurs?

The Spurs were given a ton of credit for their draft a few weeks ago, particularly for landing DeJuan Blair when they did in the second round. The Pistons could have grabbed Pittsburgh's big rebounder multiple times, but passed presumably because of the fact he has no anterior cruciate ligaments in his knees.

Well, the Spurs might be on the verge of snagging another player out from underneath the Pistons' noses. Detroit has reportedly been in talks with Antonio McDyess during the past week, trying to desperately re-sign the 14-year veteran. However, it seems the Spurs have the inside track on 'Dyess.

From Yahoo!:

The San Antonio Spurs have emerged as the leader in the courtship of free agent forward Antonio McDyess, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

San Antonio is one of three teams offering the full mid-level exception over two years, sources said. No deal is imminent, but it’s believed McDyess has offers from the Orlando Magic and possibly the Cleveland Cavaliers.

McDyess is considered one of the best unrestricted free agents on the market, and could complete a terrific offseason makeover for the Spurs as they retool for another championship run.

McDyess turned down multiple offers in the past to remain with the Pistons because he wanted to remain loyal to the team that took a chance on him after multiple surgeries. It seems as if 'Dyess might be thinking more about himself this time around as his time to win a championship is certainly running out.