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Pistons Add Deron Washington; Roster Set at 14 Before Camp

The move that many Pistons fans expected to happen after the summer league was to officially give Deron Washington a roster spot. That is exactly what the Pistons have done as their latest move.


Washington, drafted by Detroit in the second round of the 2008 NBA draft, will have a two-year deal similar to the one signed by Will Bynum last summer.

The first year is partially guaranteed, although the Pistons anticipate he'll be with the club long enough to where it becomes fully guaranteed. The second year is a team option.

The Pistons do not expect to add another guard nor do they plan on filling the NBA-maximum 15th roster spot before camp in the fall.

If you're curious as to what Deron Washington can bring to the Pistons, look no further than this dunk mix tape -- he's a pretty entertaining player that will surely be a crowd favorite whenever he sees minutes: