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It’s contagious!

Much like swine flu and SARS, the Amir Johnson Man-Crush is contagious -- Scott Carefoot of the always excellent RaptorBlog is the latest victim:

If you're wondering why I've been excited about Amir Johnson's potential throughout his career, I offer you this, this, this, this and this. The guy can flat-out fly and he's a hair under seven feet tall. I would put him ahead of Reggie Evans in the Raptors' big man rotation and I'd shift him right into the starting lineup when Bosh is out. If we can find a way to give Amir 20 minutes per game this season, I'll be a happy camper. And if he doesn't pan out? He's an expiring contract so his $3.9 million comes off the books in 2010.

Not that this will surprise you if you're already aware of my Amir Johnson man-crush, but I love love LOVE this trade. He brings rebounding, shot-blocking and athleticism — three things that have been in short supply on this team. Speaking of which, my approval rating on Colangelo's off-season just rose into the man-crush zone. I never would have dreamed that my NBA binky would be a Toronto Raptor for the 2009-10 season, but Raptors fans surely know now to expect the unexpected. I don't know if he's going to win his third Executive of the Year Award after this season, but he already has my vote for "Badass GM of the Year"

I'm still not thrilled that Johnson won't be wearing red, white and blue this year, but at least he's landed in a city with fans equally delirious/delusional about his long-term potential.

(On a side note, it seems the Bryan Colangelo Man-Crush epidemic has not yet been detected in NBA fans south of the border. Wear a facemask, Garrett!)