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Ben Gordon to play some point guard?

Via Rumors in the NBA section on

The Detroit Pistons had been seeking to add a third point guard to the roster by the time the regular seasons opens October 28, but may have an in-house answer, reports the Detroit Free Press.

Off guard Ben Gordon says he can create for his teammates, if that's what is asked of him."In Chicago, scoring was what I was asked to do," Gordon told Dime Magazine. "But I can do a lot more -- I can make treys, I can pass, I can create. There's a lot to my game that people haven't seen, or seen enough of. I think in Detroit, I'll be able to do more than just score."

Gordon could share some lead guard duties with starter Rodney Stuckey and primary backup Will Bynum.

What concerns me is that Ben Gordon did not display the greatest handles while he was in Chicago. I didn't see it of the Bulls games I witnessed and I have friends who are Bulls fans (yeah, I have friends and unfortunately for them, they are Bulls fans), who tell me he's good for a few "dribbles off his foot," or turnovers, as a result of his ball handling skills. Obviously, there is more to being a point guard, but it starts with being able to protect the ball.

It's not ideal, but I think it's definitely possible. It's not completely unheard of to change a very athletic shooting guard into a point guard over the offseason. In fact, I saw it happen at Davidson College with Stephen Curry between his sophomore and junior seasons. In this case, the Pistons wouldn't be turning Gordon into a point guard, by all means, but merely having him learn to carry the rock when Stuckey and Bynum need a breather.

What are your thoughts?