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Morning Shootaround: CV31's Direct Message, Stuckey the Lions Fan, and Blasts from the Past

Things are rather slow, but I was still able to scrounge together some links relevant to your Detroit Pistons.

Balls_mediumCharlie Villanueva, Mr. CV31 himself sent me a direct message on Twitter the other day expressing that he enjoyed the "Farewell Ben Gordon" video post. He also shared a video posted on CV-TV's YouTube account recapping his final home game in Milwaukee as he was set to enter free agency during the off-season. And while we're on the subject of Villanueva, weigh in on CV31's new look.

Balls_medium Rodney Stuckey is becoming quite the Detroit sports fan. At least he's pretending to be. On July 24 he threw out the first pitch before the Tigers game and, according to MLIVE, Stuckey attended the Detroit Lions' afternoon session of training camp on Sunday.

Balls_mediumIt's Just Sports completed their "Best of the Worst" series over at MLIVE, counting down the top 10 worst Detroit Pistons of all time. Any guesses as to who made No. 1? Click on over to find out.

Balls_medium Sometimes when nothing is going on, revisiting the past is a good way to keep people (or your blog) occupied. Need4Sheed shares with readers a blast from the past on "The Microwave" Vinnie Johnson. George Blaha gives you a minute of VJ you'll want to see.

Balls_mediumSpeaking of blasts from the past, Terry Mills weighed in on his opinion regarding the current free agent market and the Pistons' remaining need(s). He probably doesn't know anymore than the next guy, but he believes the Pistons will indeed re-sign Ben Wallace for the leadership he can provide this now young team. (Big H/T to Detroit Bad Boys)

Balls_medium Will "The Thrill" Bynum landed himself on the latest cover of Bounce Magazine. The article, amongst other things, goes through the upbringing of his game in the city of Chicago and how he landed the nickname, "The Thrill." (H/T to Pistons Nation)

Balls_medium Philadelphia 76ers guard and Detroit native, Willie Green is rooting for John Kuester. Green knows Kuester when he was an assistant with the 76ers and couldn't be happier for him that he landed the Pistons' head coaching gig. He also thinks us fans will like the acquisitions of Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva.

Balls_medium Life on Dumars seems to think Kuester will have his hands full when it comes down to putting a finishing lineup on the floor. The Pistons' roster has four finishers, but only three places to slot them when it's crunch time. This piece raises some valid questions as to what Kuester will wind up doing when the Pistons are involved in a close game late in the fourth. Who do you think the Pistons put on the floor at the end of games?

Balls_medium If you ever have any tips, links, or general inquiries please feel free to shoot me an e-mail at any time. Motownstringmusic AT gmail DOT com. ( Holler.