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Why is your head so bald? The Charlie Villanueva Hairless Wonder Contest

"Why is your head so bald?"

That's the question Francis (Owen Wilson) asks his assistant, Brendan in the above clip from the
movie Darjeeling Limited. Brendan's response? "Because I have alopecia."


The topic of alopecia is not awkward with newly acquired Piston, Charlie Villanueva. He has alopecia areata, a medical condition that involves the rapid loss of all your hair, eyebrows, and eye lashes. He was first diagnosed when he was 10-years old and has ever since grown comfortable with the disease to the point where he is now an instrumental role model for others with alopecia.

A few days ago, Charlie V announced a contest asking people to submit photoshopped images to show what he would look like with a full mop of hair. By doing the contest, he wishes to show "others with/without alopecia that being different is a beautiful thing, it shouldn't damage your confidence." He has tabbed the contest as the "Hairless Wonder Contest: What Would Charlie Villanueva look like with hair?"

I'm a big time n00b at photoshop, but I did make a valid effort. If you're interested in checking out some of my submissions, I've posted them after the jump. I encourage all of you to play along, support Villanueva's good cause, and, perhaps, get yourself some extra loot along the way (if you're good at photoshop).

Sir Charlie with a perfect part and some distinguishing gray hairs...


Can you guess whose mop of hair I used for the above photoshop job?

CV with a cool little hair flip and some caterpillar brows....


Bayside's Zack Morris and CV Slater....


And my last try at photoshop, Charlie V in "No Country for Old Men"


If you are submitting any of yours to CV31 on Twitter, then please feel free to submit them here in the comments as well. I don't know if there is any way you can beat the one someone else already submitted, though.