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Who is the Greatest Player of All-Time?

Last Friday, Michael Jordan, who many concede is the greatest to ever step foot on the hardwood floor in the NBA, was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Some have questioned Jordan's personality and thus, naturally, some are quick to criticize when they can, but I never thought many people would argue that he's not the best basketball player ever.

I could list off all his accolades, but that would just be tiresome and redundant. Everyone knows what he has accomplished throughout his storied career and for the greater part of the past two decades, I'd say the majority of people believe he is the best, bar none.

Not in everyone's mind, though.

Pistons beat writer, Keith Langlois thinks former Spartan, Magic Johnson, is the best of all-time and he makes a pretty compelling argument:

The five titles Johnson won all came during the era I consider the most competitive in NBA history. By the time Jordan’s Bulls were dominating the ’90s, there wasn’t another team I considered on a par with the Celtics, Lakers or Pistons of the ’80s. If the best teams Magic’s Lakers had to face in the ’80s were the likes of Utah or Houston or Phoenix that Michael’s Bulls had to beat in the ’90s for their titles, the Lakers might have won eight or nine out of 10. I also include their college careers when considering their greatness, and Magic Johnson was a dominant college player from the moment he stepped on the court as a freshman. I think it’s possible that LeBron James could challenge Magic and Michael before his career is over, but he’s going to have to win multiple titles in order to work his way into serious conversation among the masses.

This is obviously an argument basketball fans have quibbled over for years since the likes of Jordan and Johnson retired, and especially since Kobe and Lebron entered the league, but it's a discussion we haven't had within this community.

Therefore, I wanted to hear what everyone thinks on who the best player of all-time is. Is it Jordan hands down? Are you with Keith Langlois and believe it's Johnson? Is it Lebron despite the fact he has no rings? How about Kobe, now that he's shown he can win a title without Shaq? Or is it John Crotty because he's your favorite left-handed former-Piston?

Obviously everyone is entitled to their opinion, so take a pick and make your arguments in the comments. Just know, if you actually try to make an argument for John Crotty, you're opening yourself up to a world of ridicule.