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Morning Shootaround: Questions Heading Into Camp, Top 10 Lists, Predicting Stats, and 09-10 Pistons = 08-09 Bucks?

It's been awhile since we've had a morning shootaround here at MTSM, so thought I'd end the drought by pouring some links on you. We're getting awfully close to camp time and as a result, more and more stories are starting to pop up regarding our beloved Pistons. Enjoy the shootaround, then hit the showers.

Balls_medium Matt Moore from Hardwood Paroxysm thinks the 2009-2010 Pistons will be the 2008-2010 Milwaukee Bucks, who went 34-48:

"The Pistons are pretty much last year's Bucks when healthy with better uniforms."

I still don't get it. The Pistons won 39 games last season in what was an absolute nightmare of a season in terms of all the success they've had in the previous seven seasons. This off-season they went out and picked up the two best, young, talented free agents available, upgraded their coach, drafted well, and cleared their roster of Rasheed Wallace and Allen Iverson (additions by subtractions, in my mind). How does that equate to less wins? I've said it before, and I'll say it again, to me it's not a question of if the Pistons will make the playoffs, but what seed they'll be. Regardless, they'll certainly win more than 34 games. Moore's comparison is what I'd chalk up as being "bad talk." (H/T to Full Court Press)

Balls_mediumSpeaking of an upgrade at the head coaching position, John Kuester would have been content staying an assistant coach. He feels very fortunate to have landed the head coaching gig with the Pistons:

I just keep thinking, 'How lucky am I?' I feel blessed to be in this situation, in a great environment, with a great organization that wants to compete for a championship. The Pistons are one of the premier organizations in the league. They're accustomed to winning.

(H/T to Smoking Pistons)

Balls_medium I've really tried to not discuss Allen Iverson any more than I already have since I started this blog last April. I feel so cheated by him and embarrassed I ever tried giving him the benefit of the doubt. My silence won't really change now. Head over to Detroit Bad Boys and read up about Iverson's sour grapes and that the Pistons lied to him. Vom.

Balls_medium There have been some talks about the Pistons trading Tayshaun Prince to the Warriors for Stephen Jackson -- from the fans. To put my opinion simply, no. But if you're looking for a reason you can look at Jackson's character and contract. (H/T Pistons Nation)

Balls_mediumI've always wondered if some teams, in the future, will have to resort to using "hockey" numbers to fill out their rosters because all the good "basketball" numbers are in the rafters. Dan Feldman of Piston Powered chooses three Pistons numbers he feels should never be worn again and join Bing, Lanier, Johnson, Thomas, Dumars, and Laimbeer in the rafters at the Palace. I wouldn't be opposed to the three he has in mind, but I also wouldn't be completely surprised if they never are retired. What do you think?

Balls_mediumLife on Dumars is holding a stats pick'em contest for fans and it's pretty interesting if I don't say so myself. Some personal faves:

1- Will Bynum’s min/gm or Ben Gordon’s ppg
2- Ben Wallace’s free throw % or Chris Wilcox starts
12- Charlie Villanueva’s total blocks or Rodney Stuckey’s total steals
14- Different starting lineups or road wins

Do it.

Balls_medium If you're wondering how many games you'll be able to catch on the tube this season, assuming you're in the Detroit television market area, Fox Sports Detroit plans to air all, but four of this season's games. The four that will not be on FSD will be broadcasted on ESPN.

Balls_mediumYahoo's basketball blog, Ball Don't Lie, has been running a series of Top 10 lists throughout the off-season of the best and the worst from the past decade, a series that I'm admittedly behind on. Here's a recap of the one's that I've stumbled across. I've note any Pistons or former-Pistons:

Balls_mediumThe first NBA pre-season game is October 1st, so the season is quickly approaching. The Pistons will have a lot of questions heading into camp, but hope to have a lot of them answered by the time it breaks for the season.

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