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Morning Shootaround: Semi Stuckey/Gordon-Dumars/Thomas Comparison, Bill Laimbeer at Tigers Game, and Backing Kwame Brown

It's getting pretty close to camp, so we might as well practice it up with the morning shootarounds. Here are some cool links around the interwebs regarding the Detroit Pistons.

Balls_mediumBill Laimbeer might be an assistant coach with Minnesota Timberwolves now, but he's still reppin' the D. He was spotted last night at the Detroit Tigers/Minnesota Twins game, although he didn't look too happy. The Tigers really need to turn themselves around, and fast.

Balls_mediumESPN's John Hollinger and Ric Bucher's off-season series breaking down each NBA team continued yesterday with the Pistons. They say don't be surprised to see Tayshaun Prince and Richard Hamilton be traded over the next year. To see the rest of the article, you need to be an ESPN Insider, but I'll give you a little spoiler: Bucher compares Rodney Stuckey and Ben Gordon to Joe Dumars and Isiah Thomas in terms of versatility and size.

Balls_mediumI'm about two weeks overdue with this, but Slam Online is in the middle of running through their Top 50 current NBA players. Ben Gordon cracked the list at No. 47 on September 1. Is that where you expected him to be? Carlos Boozer, who the Pistons were reportedly interested in for the longest time was just ranked at No. 32.

Balls_mediumSpeaking of Slam Online, according to Charlie Villanueva there is a nice feature on him and Ben Gordon in the newly released issue. Carmelo Anthony graces the cover.

Balls_medium Pistons Nation is telling Pistons fans to get off Kwame Brown's back and get behind him (technically, isn't being on his back still being behind him?). Many people tab him as a major bust because he hasn't lived up to his No. 1 draft pick status. While I definitely agree with PN that it wasn't Brown's decision to be drafted No. 1 overall and he can't help the expectations that come with it, as far as defining "bust" for a No.1 draft pick goes, I'd say he fits the description. Of course nobody asks to be the No. 1 pick or asks for all the expectations in the world, but in the eyes of Washington and LA, Kwame is definitely a bust. And PN admits as much, sort of. Either way, there is definitely no "hate" for Kwame here. Just mere indifference. He doesn't put up spectacular numbers, but he plays hard and seems like he's a good character guy.

Balls_medium Pistons owner, Karen Davidson, spoke the other day on a number of topics, while picking up school supplies for needy children with Ben Wallace. She discussed giving Pistons' fans more for their dollar to make sure they kept up with their top attendance records, charity, how she kept in touch with Joe Dumars during the free agency period, and the WNBA.

Balls_mediumAs always, if you have any questions, story tips, or advertisement inquiries, please email me at Go Pistons!