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So, yeah, Maceo Baston?

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Proof that I need to start paying closer attention: Maceo Baston will be in Detroit's training camp? This was apparently revealed at least three weeks ago (read the last line here) -- and, now that I'm looking for it, even mentioned in the DBB comments -- but it didn't register on my consciousness until Chris Tomasson made an off-hand mention on FanHouse.

Most fans probably don't care -- let's face it, there's an excellent chance Baston won't make the team -- but considering his senior year at Michigan coincided with my freshman year in Ann Arbor, I've always kept tabs on his career. I'm not sure what his odds are, but I'll be rooting for him.

Here are some more b-ball related links, some of which, admittedly, are as old as the Baston news but still worthy of attention:

I've been planning a "DBB Glossary" for literally the past three years -- that is, a big list of words and phrases that have entered the lexicon of DBB readers recorded for posterity's sake. I've never actually put fingers-to-keyboard on the idea, but SLAM's Dictionary reminded me to put it back on my list of things to do.

Maybe you guys can help me out -- if we started such an endeavor, what belongs in the first edition?