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Chucky to back up Stuckey? Pistons Reportedly Trying Out Chucky Atkins

Bringing back Chucky was joked about by Pistons Nation when the news broke that he was waived by the T-Wolves, but no way, right?

Well, tonight I saw a tweet from WTFDetroit that revealed a report that Chucky Atkins was returning to the Pistons. I immediately went to MLIVE and they had this, pretty funny line before quoting their source:

The team will reportedly bring Chucky Atkins with a non-guaranteed contract and a training camp invite (from Need4Sheed, Detroit Bad Boys, PistonsNation, PistonPowered ... (seriously, this is like the last Pistons blog to hear apparently):

From our Pistons Insider Matt Dery at 97.1 The Ticket:

"97.1 The Ticket has learned that the Pistons are bringing back guard Chucky Atkins. The veteran point man, recently released by Minnesota, will receive a non-guaranteed tryout with Detroit. Atkins has been invited to the team’s training camp, which opens Tuesday"

Nope, I was the last to hear apparently. I was in my immigration law class until 9:30 and hustled home to watch the end of the Tigers sweep and "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia."

I'm not ashamed, though. I wouldn't exactly chalk this up as Earth shattering news. There's probably a 99.9% chance that you'll never see anymore Chucky/Stuckey headlines this year, as Atkins probably won't make it past the tryout. Notable nonetheless and you never know.

Atkins is 35-years old and has been a Kenny Lofton-like journeyman since Detroit, playing with six teams (seven if you count the T-Wolves) in five seasons.