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Welcome back, Chucky!

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First Ben Wallace, now Chucky Atkins. From Need4Sheed, who cites Matt Dery of the 97.1 The Ticket:

"97.1 The Ticket has learned that the Pistons are bringing back guard Chucky Atkins. The veteran point man, recently released by Minnesota, will receive a non-guaranteed tryout with Detroit. Atkins has been invited to the team’s training camp, which opens Tuesday"

Like Maceo Baston, Atkins faces an uphill battle to say the least -- there's a very strong chance the Pistons will open the season with a 14-man roster, much like almost every other team in the league. But it looks like we can get our nostalgia fix for at least a handful of exhibition games.

Update: Apparently the Pistons tried to get Bobby Jackson in camp (last line), but he held out for guaranteed money. It's a shame, as Jackson, 36, probably has a little more left in his tank, even if he's several months older.