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Pistons Recharged: 9 Days to the Pre-Season

Fox Sports Detroit recently aired a preview to the 2009-10 NBA season with a look at the new Pistons organization. From free agent signings to a new coaching staff, Zaret, Blaha and Kelser take a look at what these changes mean to the Pistons for the season ahead.

If you're like me, this little breath of fresh air couldn't have come any sooner. With just nine days left until our preseason opener against the Miami Heat, the wait for Pistons basketball has been a bit maddening. Perhaps it's all the change, the new variables to the equation, or maybe the unfamiliar length of this offseason, but October 5th couldn't come any sooner.

So what to expect in this "Pistons Recharged" season preview? Aside from a cheesy, electrified Pistons logo, there's a rundown of all the changes made during this busy offseason. Joe Dumars, Tayshaun Prince and Rodney Stuckey each address these changes. But is this just more Langlois-inspired, "order season tickets now" Pistons Propaganda? Not really. Just hearing Joe Dumars say [paraphrased] "I'm worried about post defense and rebounding," and "we're one big piece away from returning to contention" should be pretty refreshing for the pessimists.

Here it is, Pistons fans. Your omg-we're-almost-there Pistons fix. Thanks to MotownStringMusic for spotting the youtube vids.