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John Kuester is "pretty neat"

I was reading up on our beloved Pistons in the Detroit News this morning and came across a couple of quotes by coach John Kuester that jumped out to me because of his similar choice in adjectives:

"I'm really excited about the group we have to work with. Just being around them the last week (during informal workouts), seeing how they interact with each other, it's been pretty neat."

And then later in the piece, when talking about coaching both Richard Hamilton and Ben Gordon:

"Having him (Gordon) and having had an opportunity to coach Rip before, you're getting two guys who are high-energy players and can put the basketball in the hole. They're two guys that want to win. That's pretty neat."

Let's hope things stay neat, because I'd rather hear him say that over and over again as opposed to descriptions of something that is poor, bad, ugly, atrocious, abysmal, uninspired, lacking, etc.

I'm going to go tidy up around my place because I want everything to be neat before this season officially kicks off.

Who else is getting amped up?