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Pistons Players Answer Fans' Questions on Media Day


I didn't have the privilege of being at the Palace today, but I did try to keep up with it as much as I could.

One way I was able to follow what was going on was by visiting the live blog over at, hosted by Pistons writer, Ryan Pretzer. Ryan answered a number of fans questions and had the opportunity to pull several Pistons players away for a second to answer the fans' online questions.

I took the liberty of going through the e-interactions with the players and pull the most interesting stuff for you to read here. Scrolling through a lengthy live blog (when it's no longer live) can be messy and take forever, so I thought why not make it easier on people who didn't have the chance to follow it live? If you're interested in the truncated version, continue reading. If you feel like seeing everything in its entirety, click over here.

Chris Wilcox:

Q: Why are you number 9? (formed into a question based off of Ryan's statement)
CW: maxiell has 54 so i just added it up

Austin Daye:

Q: Any nerves about going to work against the chiseled vets? (From KP)
AD: haha naw not worried just focused.

Jonas Jerebko:

Q: Why do you wear the number 33? (From Joshua in Ann Arbor)
JJ: because my 3 other numbers where not available.. first 11..then 32...then 21.. so i went with 33.. looks good and larry had it.

Q: Congrats on being the soon to be first Swede in the NBA. (From Scott)
JJ: thank you very much it is an honour to be the first one from sweden. Hopefully sweden can get some recognition in the basketball world.

Deron Washington:

Q: Hey Deron, how has the free throw shooting been coming this summer? (From George)
DW: Its much better now summer league was a bump in the road

Q: Deron, we're expecting a couple swats on Lebron this year (From Fatty)
DW: I'll let that situation play itself out.

Kwame Brown:

Q: Kwame, love your approach and work ethic. You're a Piston! Keep working hard. (From Jesse of PistonsNation)
KB: Thanks.

Q: Kwame, what have you been working on in the offseason (From JP)
KB: free throws free throws and free throws lol

Maceo Baston:

Q: Maceo, what's up welcome, did you enjoy your time in Toronto or Indiana more? (From Rban)
MB: i enjoyed my first stint in indiana the most with rick carlisle

Chucky Atkins:

Q: Chucky!! How do you think the long ball will treat ya in 09-10? (From Adam)
CA: The Long ball is better than ever! i ve had a great summer and had a lot of practice after 2yrs of injuries so its feel good

Q: What can you bring to the Pistons the second time around (From Scott)
CA: well the 2nd time around i bring more experience...i'm alot more patient and i'm seasoned...i've gotten better in every aspect of my game especially the mental part and i relish the challenge of being the leader and mentor that this team needs

Jason Maxiell:

Q: First congrats on your recent nuptials. Are you ready for the challenge to be McDyess' replacement? And what can we expect from you when you step on the court this season? (From Jeff)
JM: while i feel that this year is time for ME to step up and play his roll and be the guy that is doing the tough jobs

Q: Jason, I just saw a recent article about you being one of the best dunkers in the NBA. Please keep getting those awesome dunks! (From Eddie)
JM: ha ha lo no prob

Q: J-Max have you lost weight and how much? (From Pistons Fan)
JM: nope not really i was really busy and when i went to Africa i didnt eat a thing but when i came back to the states i ate for days lol

Will Bynum

Q: Will, what did you work on this summer? (From Bryan W)
WB: i worked on my shot alot and my body i lost 15 pounds from last year to become quicker and jump higher and defend harder for long periods of time and i watched tons of film

Charlie Villanueva

Q: The Twitter King himself! Are you going to get these other guys tweeting CV? (From Jesse of Pistons Nation)
CV31: i been trying to get them on twitter, its a working progress,

Q: Hey Charlie, did you see Rip's mohawk? (From Matt -- yes, Rip had a mowhawk. You can see it, sort of, here.)
CV31: yes i def see the new mohawk, different, but cool

Q: Charlie, what do you think about the new rules coming about twittering? (From Scott)
CV31: well i have to respect the rules, but if i had it my way, tweet at halftime :)

[image via @DETPistons]

UPDATE: Matt Watson over at Detroit Bad Boys will be providing links throughout the evening about Media Day.

That's all from me for today, but feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. This is going to be a really exciting season. It officially begins tomorrow with the first day of practice.