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Pistons at Bulls: The Streak Ends ... Tonight?

Game tips at 8 PM ET

Oppo Research:

The Bulls have had no shortage of turmoil themselves, what with rumors of Vinny Del Negro's eventual dismissal hanging over their heads. But instead of shrinking under the pressure and dropping a dozen games, they've manned up and actually played some decent ball, winning five of their last eight and seven of their last 12.

The Drama:

Did you realize the Pistons have dropped 10 of their last 12 regular season games against the Bulls? And haven't won in Chicago since Feb. 2006?

Everyone knows about the 12-game losing streak (and how the Pistons are just two away from tying the worst in team history), but I never realized just how badly the Bulls had Detroit's number in recent years. Selective memory, I suppose.

Keys for Detroit:

Picking up the pace: It can't hurt, right? The Pistons have been slow out of the gate more times than not this year, so at the very least, perhaps a concerted effort to get up and down the court in a hurry will help set the tone.

And ... that's all for now. Fill in the rest of the keys for the game in the comments.