Adopt-A-Prospect! Scout the next Detroit Piston draft pick

{Ed note: Awesome idea, thanks to NotoriousCPC for the brainstorm. -- Matt}

Despite what Richard Hamilton might believe, the Detroit Pistons, as currently constructed, are going nowhere fast. The team is steadily sinking into the depths of the bottom of the Leastern Conference and look to get a surefire top-10 pick. And picking in the top 5 or top 3 isn't out of the question.

With this season a wash and trades pretty unlikely, I think we should start a new project to keep fans informed and engaged: The Official Detroit Piston Fan Community Adopt-A-Prospect.

It would work like this: Pistons fans who are passionate followers of college basketball and can watch many of the necessary games would adopt a prospect that the Pistons may draft. For instance, if you live in North Carolina, Kansas, Georgia, Kentucky or you will be able to personally watch the performance of Ed Davis, Cole Aldrich, Favors, Wall, Cousins, Patterson, respectively you would adopt that player and keep tabs on him throughout the rest of the college basketball season.

That would include updated stats, match-ups where they excelled or struggled, and indications that they would excel or struggle in the NBA. Mock drafts and quick player write-ups and draft profiles can only provide so much. This is an opportunity to look beyond the box score and rally behind players that will make the Pistons the perennial powerhouse we are used to.

The same player could be adopted by more than one poster, the more info the merrier, but the goal would be to have all the top prospects adopted and maybe even some second-round possibilities, too.

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