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Morning Shootaround: Pistons Without an All-Star for 1st Time Since 2002

A number of the links I planned on sharing had videos within them, so since it's fun Friday, I took the liberty of mixing things up and embedding them for your viewing pleasure/convenience. This could be a success or it might cause the site to lag like a mofo. (Seriously, I don't expect there to be any problems, but let me know in the comments if there are any).

Start your morning off with some bacon and schadenfreude. Here are highlights of the Celtics losing in heartbreak fashion (and KG moving laterally like he has a prosthetic leg). It always brings a smile to my face to see the C's lose, even if it means a Magic win:

Watson mentioned in yesterday's links that the Nets picked up their first win of 2010 on Wednesday over the Clippers. The Pistons play the Nets twice in the next five games and should win both. But if they don't want to lose, then they should take notes from the following video on how NOT to play [via Clipper Blog]:

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Grab a hankie, because this next video is going to make your eyes well up (or as Ball Don't Lie said, "unless your name is Paul Shirley"). Two weeks ago former-Piston, Olden Polynice didn't know if his dad was dead or alive after the 'quake hit Haiti. Wednesday on Dr. Phil, he had an emotional reunion with his father, who he hadn't seen in three years:

It's not really up for debate: Lebron James is a freak of nature when it comes to his talent level. As much as we might not like him, though, it would have been entertaining to see him in the Slam Dunk Contest (and fun to root against him). I guess, for now, this is as close as we'll get to seeing him in the dunk contest [via Hoop Doctors]:

Other links of note:

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Detroit News Tayshaun Prince trying to establish rhythm
Freep Advisers ordered to pay Pistons' Ben Gordon $1.3M

Open thread until the game thread tonight. Good attitudes mandatory preferred, pants optional.