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Stealing ideas from the comment section: Haiku Game Thread


Early Evening Game Tips At

Six O'Clock Eastern


The Detroit Pistons

Record: Fifteen wins, sadness

Margin: Vast and dark


Orlando Magic

Record: Much better than ours

Even on the road

Oppo Research

Lumbering, thick men

Excellent outside shooting

Nelson's off his game

The Drama

In spite of our woes

We rise to the occasion

Against the Magic

Keys for Detroit

Rebound the damn ball

52-25? What?

Is nothing sacred?


Make Howard foul out

Gortat can't hang anymore

Dallas is laughing


Charlie V. Inside

Can just cut and paste this one

For rest of season

Question of the Game
Do the Pistons know

That if the team drafts John Wall

He'll take their minutes?

Valuable Links

Orlando Pinstriped

Once was Third Quarter Collapse

Still worth a visit