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DetroitBadBoys Fantasy Basketball 2010-11: Polling Interest

We're getting close to the third annual DetroitBadBoys Fantasty Basketball season, and you're invited. What started with one league doubled to two last year, and we're likely going to need even more this season. This here article is intended to gauge your interest and discuss new options for DBB Fantasy this season.

DBB uses Yahoo! Sports as its fantasy basketball provider. We break up the interested parties into groups of 12, select a commissioner and start up individual leagues. This year, if we have 36 interested players, we'll need 3 leagues. I have a feeling we'll need even more than that this season...

What are the rules? There are two main rules beyond the standard Yahoo! settings that we use at DBB. First, only one league per person. While you may want to join more than one DBB league, we need to limit this to one to make room for others. You're welcome to create other, non-DBB leagues with friends from here and elsewhere. The second rule, and easily the most important is to stay active. If you want to join a league, you're making a commitment to play for the full six month run. If you draft poorly and your team sucks, don't give up. If you start and then leave, or you don't actively start your players, you mess things up for the rest of the league. In short, do NOT join a league if you're not going to stay consistently active every day.

Last season, Packey and I acted as league commissioners for each DBB league. This season, we're going to need more commissioners. So if you're interested in being a commissioner, mention it in the comments below. Once we round out the number of interested players, we'll select a number of leagues and contact commissioners via email.

So, are you interested in joining the official DBB fantasy league for 2010-11? Do two things:

  1. Vote in the poll below
  2. Leave a comment to tell us you're interested

Why the comment in addition to the poll? I'll need to send an invite to your email, and I can access your account from the comment. An email will be sent to the address you have registered with SB Nation. If that email address is not active, let us know in the comments.

Last, if you've never played fantasy basketball before but want to know what it's all about, let us know in the comments. The community will give you a thorough walkthrough. Good luck, and I'm looking forward to all of your ridiculous team names.