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Where does John Kuester rank?

Mike Prada compiled his NBA Coach Power Rankings at the SBN mothership -- where does Detroit's John Kuester fall? At No. 19, practically by default:

19. John Kuester, Detroit Pistons

Coaching History: Detroit Pistons (2009-present)
Record with current team: 27-55
[...] Biggest weakness: Unwillingness to push the pace
It's impossible to get an accurate read on Kuester after one season in Detroit, so we'll stick him here. His roster is a mess, and it suffered a lot of injuries last year. We'll have a better idea of Kuester's coaching chops after this season.

Q should be happy -- our friends at HoopsWorld were less forgiving, pegging him at No. 24. We clearly can't judge Kuester solely on the disaster that was his first season, but if the Pistons can't win more than 30 games this year, I'm not sure he'll get a crack at a third year -- especially with a new owner (theoretically) in place looking to put his stamp on the team.

What say you? Are there any unemployed coaches you'd prefer to take the reins?