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Pistons @ Bobcats for Preseason NBA 2010: And Still No TV

Game Tips Off at 6:30 P.M. EST.
TV: Hates Detroit
Radio: 97.1 The Ticket

Oppo Research:

Is there a team in the NBA that could be potentially less exciting than the Pistons this season? Yes. The most interesting thing about the Charlotte Bobcats is that they have two people in management who have kept the Pistons franchise from winning more championships, Michael Jordan in 1991 and Larry Brown in 2005. Other than that? Yeah, not so much.

The 'Cats have an aging starting center with zero offense, a starting point guard who doesn't distribute, volume shooting 2 guards and little to no frontcourt scoring. Sound familiar? The difference between these two teams is that Charlotte's coach, the aforementioned Brown, has made his players buy into defense enough to climb above .500 and hit the playoffs. Maybe tonight, Detroit's head coach John Kuester can learn a thing or two about this from his former mentor.

What else is important to note going into tonight's game? Gerald Wallace.

Keys for Detroit:

I'm going to copy and paste (a la Sawyer) Packey's keys from last night's game, as they remain fully relevant:

Play Daye

Move the ball around

Pick up the pace

Rebound the basketball

For next game, I shall deliver these in haiku format. For tonight, I'm about as into this game thread as can be given that tonight's game is, yet again, not televised.

Question of the Game:

Will Austin Daye continue to push his ceiling even higher, giving Pistons fans a new hope for the season ahead?

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