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Morning Shootaround: Where In The World Is Greg Monroe?

Okay, it's the afternoon, but I fell asleep early-ish last night and was held up this morning. Anyway....straight to the layup lines, don't worry about stretching.

  • One of the biggest questions after 'how did we lose that game?' had to be 'where was our No. 1 pick, Greg Monroe?' Hurt? Not ready? John Kuester explained on Thursday, sort of:
  • "What happen is that you have four bigs, and Greg is going to be a big key to this situation. I have a tremendous amount of confidence in him. Max had played with more energy than I had seen in Greg at times, and yet Greg is going to be someone that is going to continually work hard. His chance is going to come.

    "A lot of it also dealt with the timing and the situation itself. Greg is going to play. Trust me. He's going to get his opportunity."
  • Patrick Hayes at PistonPowered wonders if we should read anything more into the DNP. If your definition of "he's going to make an impact right away" includes game one, then something obviously changed. Read into it all you want. To me, let's see how at least five games play out. For what it's worth, Jonas Jerebko didn't see any minutes until the third game last year and Austin Daye only saw a minute in the 2nd game of the season.
  • NBA Play Book looks at Richard Hamilton's half-ass gamble for a loose ball late in Wednesday's game that led to Morrow's go-ahead three with 30 seconds left.
  • Kid Rock is going to be honored and have his banner updated tonight. I'm not a Kid Rock hater like a lot of people, I really like that he reps Michigan hard, but I can't believe he has his own banner. Also, if you didn't want to stab your ears every time you heard it on TBS during the MLB Playoffs, "Born Free" will be heavily featured.
  • Ridiculous Upside has a pretty cool video of Rasheed helping out at practice with the Albuquerque Thunderbirds. Of course, Darvin Ham is the head coach of that NBA-DL squad. The two have remained friends over the years and Ham has asked 'Sheed to come help out. 'Sheed said he wasn't going to help too much, but turned out to be the loudest person at the practice. I think we have a future coach in denial right now.
  • Get your kool-aid on Twitter now: Keith Langlois has an account. Assuming he actually starts tweeting (he hasn't, yet), I'm really excited about this. Not only does Langlois seem like a genuinely nice guy, but he's as close to the team as anybody. And perhaps on Twitter we'll get a little less of the bias. If Twitter is your thing, you should definitely follow DBB if you're not already. You can also follow me, if you'd like.
  • Ben Gordon flew to Chicago recently to film their version of Judge Judy. He wanted to be there for a teen who was running with the wrong crowd. Ben Gordon knows how hard it can be on the streets and wanted to help the kid, who idolizes Gordon. The show (which aired yesterday, sorry) is flying the 15-year-old to Detroit for the game tonight.
  • Good interview of beat writer Chris Iott over at Need4Sheed. Interesting tidbit on Will Bynum's shoes to start it off -- Arnie approves.
  • Interesting viral marketing or stalker? Either way, I bet Kevin Durant has some smoked turkey on that pizza. Yup.
  • Check out this awesome children's LeBron Halloween costume.
  • Wizards got worked in Orlando last night.
    • And, wow, the Jazz have looked miserable in their first two games.

      Somebody will be back later with a game thread. Until that glorious time comes, leave any other links or chatter below