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Morning Shootaround: Moving On For Jonas

Pistons start life after Jonas by hosting the Bucks tonight in their second preseason game. Let's hope for an energetic, but injury and disease-free game. For now, let's shoot around the interwebs, and stuff.

  • Kuester discussed the fallout from the Heat game yesterday at practice. Here's his response to a question about what the Pistons lose:
    "The energy," Kuester said. "He was starting to come in his own with his energy and how he communicated with players. He was really starting to take on a little of a leadership role for being such a young player."
  • Within the same link above, Monroe admitted to having some first-game jitters, and understandably so:
  • Monroe was quick to say after the game that he made some mistakes -- mostly because he was nervous. He said he watched the tape, and his mistakes will be corrected.
  • Obviously, somebody needs to step up in Jerebko's absence and Monroe is one player that's going to get an added opportunity to do so. Ironically enough, it was injuries that allowed Jerebko to prove his worth last season. Monroe could step up and really help mitigate the loss of Jonas. In the wise words of our own Garrett Elliott, FOR JONAS!
  • The other Piston that needs to step up, of course, is Charlie V. Natalie at Need4Sheed gives the official call out and, I think, speaks for all of us on this one.
  • I posted this in the FanShots, but I'll relink it here: Charlie V. v. Austin Daye in NBA2k11. I won't spoil the ending, but CV31 does a disservice to the DBB name. (BTW - I think is no longer allowing others to embed their videos. If that's true, that's really CV-on-D-weak. I'd like to believe our loss is their loss. ANYWAY, somebody who was at the event put up on YouTube a little clip of the game & some girl's scalp, and the video is totally embeddable):
  • Rip Hamilton missed practice yesterday due to the birth of his second child, a baby boy. Maxiell was not given visitation rights.
  • Chris Wilcox is a third big-ish player that might have to step up in Jerebko's absence. He was limited in practice on Thursday, as the Pistons are being very cautious with his injury. I'd be very surprised if he played tonight.
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  • The other night, Mr. Ref had enough of Grant Hill and Reggie Evans slappin' each other's butts. He told them to take it to the locker room.
  • Share any other links you might have in the comments. Check you later for the game thread.