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John Kuester: Pistons Sticking With Same Lineup (For Now)

With a 2-6 record, it'd be understandable if John Kuester started to tinker with the rotation, but he's not ready to concede anything just yet. From Vincent Goodwill of the Detroit News:

Last year, Kuester had to make changes to his lineup on the fly, for obvious reasons. Now he doesn't want to overreact to a lethargic second-half performance in Portland, a game that he said would set the tone for the weeklong trip.

"Not yet, we're staying pat right now," Kuester said. "Last game, we had to collectively do things to stay in it."

As Goodwill points out, the Pistons rank just 28th in rebounding this year. Of course, that shouldn't be surprising given the starting combo of Austin Daye and Tayshaun Prince in the frontcourt. Rail-thin and over-matched every single night, it shouldn't surprise anyone to see the duo is ranked 53rd and 117th in the league, respectively, among players who quality for the rebounding title in total rebounding percentage.

The most obvious change for Kuester to make is bumping Charlie Villanueva into a starting role, but will that actually change anything? He's ranked 60th, several spots below Daye. While heft isn't an issue for Charlie, he too plays like a swingman several inches shorter than his 6-11 frame suggests he should.

If Greg Monroe had the minutes to qualify for that list (and given his playing time lately, it's just a matter of time until he does), he'd rank among the top 20 in the league in rebounding percentage. Paired next to Ben Wallace, who ranks fifth, the Pistons have the personnel to potentially dominate the boards. Unless Detroit's incumbent starting frontcourt suddenly changes its stripes (or the team manages to pick up some wins in spite of its rebounding deficiency), it's indefensible in my mind not to give the rookie a starting gig.