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Will It Get Controversial In Sacramento? Pistons @ Kings [Game Thread]

Game Tips at 6 P.M. EST

Sacramento Kings 3-5 (1-3 home)

Detroit Pistons: 3-6 (1-4 away)

Line: Kings -5


John Q has decided to make a lineup change. Jason Maxiell will start at PF and Chris Wilcox will be active for the first time all season.

Oppo Research:

The Pistons have won three of four and match up against a Kings team that has lost four straight. The good news for the Pistons is they have a pretty good chance to start strong against the Kings and cancel out their crummy second halves (league worst 43 points), because the Kings are allowing the 2nd most points prior to halftime in the league (58).

blah blah Tyreke Evans blah blah DeMarcus Cousins blah blah Carl Landry blah blah, don't really have much time to talk about the rest because we were late putting this together. Blast it all, these early evening games! Thanks to bugman222 for stepping up earlier.

Keys to the Game:

Move the Ball: The Pistons will do really well in this facet one game and then revert the next. High assist numbers are good.

Rebound that basketball: They were dominated on the boards at the Staples Center, but should do a lot better against a Kings team that also somewhat struggles at this aspect of the game.

Follow Kelser's Keys: He usually knows what he's talking about.

Question(s) of the Game:

How will John Q divvy up the minutes with Maxiell starting and Wilcox active?

Valuable links:

Tom Ziller is really good.