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We're Going Streaking! Detroit Pistons at Golden State Warriors

Game Tips at 10:30 PM ET

Golden State Warriors: 6-4 (4-0 at home)

Detroit Pistons: 4-6 (2-4 on the road)

After starting the season 0-5, the Pistons have suddenly won four of five, including two in a row on the road. Can they keep up the their momentum in Golden State?

The Warriors have lost their last two, but it's worth pointing they're undefeated on their home floor, and the entire franchise is full of good vibes after the team's optimistic new ownership met the press this afternoon for the first time since the team's sale became official last week. To make matters worse, the new regime slashed ticket and concession prices in half for tonight's game, ensuring they'd kick off the new era in front of a packed house.

The Pistons beat the Dubs in Auburn Hills a week ago, so there shouldn't be any surprises about what to expect: Keith Smart has kept his foot on the gas while somehow convincing his team to play defense. Monta Ellis is playing perhaps his best ball of his career, and Stephen Curry is capable of going off at a moment's notice.

Keys to the Game:

Score more than the Warriors. That usually does the trick, no matter who the opponent is.

Question of the Game:

Have you donated to MOvember yet?

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